Stowaway is an new solution designed to make travel time less taxing for families. When completed, the patented edu-tainment package will include an interactive mobile App, a delightful illustrated children’s book, the Stowaway global community website and magnetic rubber ride-along toys to cling on the outside of the family car

We all love to Travel & Explore! FB SQ Frst Trvl

Making travel educational, fun and memorable adds meaning and purpose to Family vacations.

Did you know?   Kids who travel with their families are more likely to:
– Attend college
– Perform better in school
– Earn more as adults

However, getting there can be stressful due to boredom & fatigue from long travel timeFB SQ Stressed Again

What if you could turn the journey into adventure with shared goals & purpose?

FB SQ Sea Star VisitorStowaway is designed to make any trip more fun and engaging by approaching travel through the eyes of Stowaway Explorers from the sea experiencing our world for the first time while riding on your Family car!FB SQ GSL Sea Stars 2.png

Watercolor World Map MissionWe need your help, you can Join with Stowaway Explorers across the GLOBE, earning points as you learn & share new discoveries on your adventures through the mobile app, online community and Stowaway books & toys

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Input or ideas?

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