Cape Disapointment

One of our summer trips took up in the tent trailer to Cape Disappointment WA. It is located at the mouth of the mighty Columbia river.

WWII Remains




While there we visited several WWII armaments. It was a great chance for the kids to explore and learn about history and how the country all pulled together.





Another spot was that we visited was the spot where Lewis and Clark spent the winter. It is a great spot, beautiful woods, nice visitor center, junior ranger books and cool reproductions. The whole fort has been rebuilt. You can walk through and see how they lived. There were also fun educational presentations.

Lewis and Clark

A favorite fascinating spot was the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria. We learned about the graveyard of the Pacific. Just as you enter there is a huge map with all the shipwreck’s on it. They have full size boats, life boats, fishing boats, and so much. Outside there is a boat that you get to walk around. It explained why the Columbia river was such an important shipping highway and why it was so dangerous. It was neat to understand the history of the mighty river. We also were able to learn about the Bar and every time we drove over the bridge back to WA we could observe and talk about what we learned.


Out front is a spot for the local train. We were all excited to get a ride. Again my husband was wonderful because the kids and I got a train ride and he tried to follow along in the car and guess where the stops would be.



There is a tall Column in Astoria OR it tells the history of the town and why it was build. This stop was a highlight because we climbed the stairs and flew paper airplanes off the top, up and down up and down. great exercise. From that vantage point we were able to see the whole area, we could see the river and all the huge ocean going ships.

We could also see the bridge over the Columbia river. It was really fun to see the coastal fog. Inland it was a clear and nice day but we could distinctly see the fog right along the coast. This again lead to another great discussion about weather. There was also a huge grass hill that we ran and rolled down.

Again dad was willing to forgo the fun and drive the van down so we did not have to climb back up.

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