4 Corners

The four corners of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado meet together. We spent a week down there and had endless adventures. We visited Bluff Fort and learned about early settlers. We hiked and explored Indian ruins in the area. I chose geo cashes that would ask the kids questions about the Indians or the geography of the area. We just wander with a curious mind and have so many questions that promote learning. How did the Indians get there? What do they eat. Why would they choose this canyon? How were these canyons made. Then of course there are all the fun walks along any stream that we can find. Exploring trails on feet and with our trusty pathfinder.

We found the best oasis by wandering. We were up of the cliffs looking down, down, down at the river and notices a dirt road down there. I studied the map and found the way there. Pretty soon we were driving on the narrow dirt road along the canyon wall. We talked about how the canyon was created, why some rocks eroded and others did not. We wandered and wandered and pretty soon found a stream running through the red rock. We all got out and started exploring again, erosion, plant life, minerals, so much fun.

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