Effects of Nature

The simple beauty of nature has always been captivating.  I can sit and watch a waterfall, waves, fire for hours.  Natural beauty is so enthralling.  Man has spent so much money time and effort in trying to entertain.  Yet even the best movies and Theme parks get boring after a while.  However, Nature is always different.  Even the same place can be unique every time we visit.

2018 Yearly Trip to the Northwest Part 2

Ahh feels like home again.  We made stops at Cottage Lake, Farrell Mcwhirter Park and our other local favorites.  We also took a nice Long Memorial drive through Seattle and retraced the adventure of Stanley and Stary.   We of course had to stop at the Salmon Slide Park – also known  as Carkeek Park, 


Chittenden Locks in Ballard,  The Fremont Troll  Lake Union to see the Sea Planes at Kenmore Air, Seattle Center and the Space Needle.  Seattle & the Puget Sound. 

Yes, we drove over I90, through the tunnels and right up to the Stadium.  We took 520 back to the East side.  Incredible!

We also make it to Mount St Helens, the Lava tubes and the Columbia River Gorge.


Design Evolution of Stowaway Sea Stars

As a family we’ve always loved exploring tide pools, and we’ve been fascinated be sea creatures like starfish, anemones & crabs.  The Stowaway story began as a bedtime story to our 4 kids when we lived in the Northwest and imagined what it would be like for a Starfish to explore our world out of the sea. Cover

Together we came up with other fun Stowaway stories including “Doug the Supersonic Slug”, “The Tree-frog from Tallahassee”, “Lester the Lazy Lizard” and “Bumper Crabs”, among others, all relating the tales of critter characters riding on family cars.  We hope to publish some of those stories and others along with their magnetic ride-along characters in the near future.

IMG_2531As a travel companion to the Stowaway Sea Star story, we developed our own magnetic ride-along Sea Stars to ride on outside of the car. At first this was just for our own amusement and we started with a more realistic looking Starfish made by hand at home. We used Latex Rubber on the outside with disk magnets inside.  They looked so realistic people asked if that was a real starfish on our car and how it got there?

IMG_1931This became more fun and we tested different materials & magnets to ensure they would stay on the car for long drives; (they never did come off on a trip).  The first few were near salmon-colored, but we tried purple & magenta trying new materials like silicone & urethane.
The designs began to evolve as we wanted to include a face with some character & personality. 

Evolution of Stowawy CharactersFinally, we turned to the Product Design experts @ Klugonyx in Salt Lake who helped us develop our latest design, featuring an adventuresome character with personality & charm.  They created a beautiful design and helped identify the best materials that balance the need for durability and kid/family friendly design.

klugonyx logo yellowblack (1) (2)

Sea Star ColorWe road tested (& kid tested) various materials, colors & powerful magnets till we settled on a very durable, UV resistant, yet fun & bendy translucent urethane rubber with embedded neodymium magnets and 4 color choices. Two colors are translucent red a purple and the other two Florescent Yellow and ‘Florange’ (both of which glow brilliantly under UV light!).   Our Sea Stars have traveled thousands of miles under all weather conditions and stood up to the most rigorous abuse, we proudly offer the world’s first and best Stowaway Explorers designed to ride on your family car.

Stowaway ComboThese character toys are not only charming and vibrant, but easy to see on your car and start great conversations about this emerging Stowaway movement.  Plus they make it easier to find your car in the parking lot. 😉

Sign up today to pre-order yours.



Wild Horses!

We had a great time seeing the wild Mustangs in the West Desert this weekend.

While the horses were somewhat elusive, we took some time to visit the old target site where the “Enola Gay” practiced during WWII.   There remains an old observation tower standing and one crumbled as well as the target itself with visible target lines, bomb craters & fragments.

The horses could be seen in small bands, and it was interesting to see how the stallions defended their band of mares.  We avoided getting too close, as we don’t want to harass the beautiful animals, but through binoculars you could clearly see their bulging scarred muscles.