Stowaway Explorers
FB SQ GSL Sea Stars 2Especially for families with young kids we’ve created Stowaway Explorers.

A delightful children’s book and companion ride-along magnetic toys that ride on your car!

Read the story in our illustrated book “Stowaway Adventures – Sea Stars in Seattle”. 

Cover VibrantSea stars explore the world stowing away on ships. One day they cling to a float plane only to be lifted into the air and discover an amazing new world outside the sea. They make it onto the side of a family car and discover sights and sounds they’ve never experienced before. Getting back to their friends in the sea, they form an adventure society to Explore their new Discovery.

Jeweled Ruby 2Rubber, Magnetic Stowaway Sea Star toys go with you on all sorts of adventures riding on backpacks, bikes, cars, trains, buses, boats, planes and more. They can hang on the refrigerator to remind you to get out and explore, and cling on the side of the tub as kids clean up from the trip. Powerful embedded magnets ensure a secure ride on the outside of your family car.

When kids return to school, they can easily share Stowaway maps, photos and stories detailing their adventures throughout the Summer. Grandparents can give Stowaway Explorers as gifts, then follow the progress of their Stowaway Grand-kids.

Watercolor World Map Vibrant

Best of all Stowaway Explorers can help turn challenging family travel into fun, educational adventure, and memories for your whole family


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