Travel-time App

We’re launching a KICKSTARTER campaign to develop the Stowaway Travel App as a tool for the whole family.

Features include:

Plan-a-trip – Plan out your family trip with input relevant to your interests from the Global Stowaway community to explore new destinations, find relevant reviews, highlights and recommendations.


Real-time-geo-tracking – Kid’s & parents track their progress on the map, with miles to destination, alerts, points of interest, highlights from fellow Stowaway travelers, interesting information along the way.  Best of all watch your status improves for each mile driven or location visited.

App Screen YNP

Photos, Videos & Reviews – Upload pictures, videos, stories and highlights linked to your adventure to share with friends and family along the way.  At journey’s end view the map of where you traveled along with pictures and stories for a fun shareable summary of your adventures.

Track & Archive Adventures – Review your adventures throughout the year; relive memories and view total miles traveled, destinations visited, points earned.  You can also track progress of Stowaway friends across the world.


Challenges & Games – Participate in Stowaway challenges, Geo-puzzles, treasure-cashing and global treasure hunts with.


Points & Achievements – Earn Stowaway points towards status levels to open new Real-time WCfeatures, find clues and earn rewards & prizes.  Stowaway points may be earned from various activities including:

  • Total miles traveled (driven/Flown tracked individually)
  • Recruiting new Stowaways
  • Destinations visited
  • New “discoveries” made
  • Reviews of destinations
  • Uploading pictures & videos
  • Sharing adventures with family & friends
  • Stowaway challenges


Kids can use the app to see where they are on their journey; miles of open road that were just endured are now opportunities to discover & learn about the world around them while earning Stowaway status.Watercolor World Map VibrantFor Parents the App and online Stowaway community will help plan educational and entertaining trips with reviews and highlights from other Stowaway families.  You can share your trips with family and friends.  Even track the adventures of other Stowaways from across the globe.

Input or suggestions?  Please share your ideas.